Dos and Donts in Carpet Maintenance

Dos and Donts in Carpet Maintenance

Caring for your carpet saves more money for you than you think. Nevertheless, homeowners neglect their carpets since it is just placed on the floor and prone to damage. You should give more attention to your carpets. Homeowners should maintain your carpets to keep more money from repairs and replacements.


Here are some carpet maintenance solutions to prolong the lifetime of your carpets:


  1. Regular Proper Vacuum Helps – One simple way to keep your carpets clean is vacuuming. With this, you can promote the cleanliness in your home, and prevent the need for cleaning services for a while.
  2. Placing an Extra Layer – Some areas in your home is prone to dirt than the others. Doorsteps and your lobby should have an additional layer of carpets to maintain the quality of your carpet.
  3. Immediate Removal of Stains – You should not let stains remain on your carpet since they can damage it. Doing so can also prevent permanent marks on your rugs.
  4. Avoid The Use of Shoes – If you can avoid using your shoes on your carpet, then do it. This way, you can keep it clean for a longer time.
  5. Sporadic Redesigning of your Home –  Some portions of your carpet is more exposed than the others. This will make your carpet possess uneven quality. To prevent this, you should occasionally rearrange your furniture.
  6. Keep you Carpet Flat on the Floor – While moving furniture, some segment of your carpet may have retained cripples which can induce lasting damage to it. You should make sure that your carpet is flat on the floor to avert this.
  7. Make your Carpet Resistant –  Use products available to make your carpet resistant to moisture and dirt.
  8. Sun Protection for your Carpet – Sun exposure can damage the quality of your carpet, so you should install curtains and covers on your windows.
  9. Regulate your Air Filters – Your air system can bring dust and dirt on your carpet. That is why you should keep it clean too.
  10. Have Deep Cleaning Once in a While –  Once small measures cannot improve your carpet anymore, then it is the right time to call for carpet maintenance services.


The following are the things you should protect your carpet from:


  1. Exposure to Water and Moisture – The number one enemy of carpets are moisture and water. These can weaken the standard of your carpet and eventually damage it.
  2. Pests and Insects Infestations – Destructive pests can create holes and even large damage on your carpet. Keep these insects from your home if you love your carpet.
  3. Damage from Pets – Certain pets like dogs and cats scratch carpets, so you should keep them from doing it.
  4. Too Much Sunlight –  It is not bad to let sunlight inside your home, but you should control it so it won’t ruin your rugs.
  5. Spills and Stains – Prevention is better than cure, keep your carpets from spills and stains to avoid problems.
  6. Paints and Chemical – We mentioned these since they are a sure kill for your carpet. Never let these materials reach your carpet.

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